The Gallery - Mother Nature

The Gallery is here again...And it is Mother Nature this week.

I could do lots of summery pictures of flowers and stuff, but instead I have taken pictures this week, wintery wonders.

Are these snowdrops

And then this is a leaf from my bay tree. 

I got this as a cutting from my Mum & Dad's neighbour (and mine until I was 18).  Uncle Vic and Auntie Morva lived next door all the time I was growing up.

I was visiting home and Uncle Vic brought the cutting around on boxing day. He also brought mistletoe and we had a little kiss. He was well into his eighties and died the next day. 

My little bay tree lived in a pot for years and travelled to every flat or house I lived in. I have lived in my current house for 10 and a half years. My bay tree is now taller than me and firmly planted. But if I move it is coming with me. 

Uncle Vic and Auntie Morva where keen gardeners. Uncle Vic is my father nature.

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