The Honesty Phase

My 4 year old is going through the honesty phase.

Within the space of one day she said the following statements too me. (Please see italics for my counter - arguments to these statements of fact)

"Sometimes you look old Mummy" Brilliant, all the creams and potions aren't working then, in my defence this was said first thing in the morning.

"Mummy that top looks like something Grannie would wear" This is a brand new top, which I brought for work and is cutting edge thank you very much!

"Mummy you sleep a lot, you should do some exercise" I haven't really got an argument for this as I do sleep a lot, and I could do some exercise. I also work a lot. And I could go to bed a bit earlier...hmmm.

She occasionally counters this with "Mummy, you are the best Mummy in the world" with a bit of an arm stroke and a half hearted cuddle.

All I can say to all this is when will it be over?

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