Old Friends

Every new year, people tend to re-evaluate and think about their lives.

If you are like me, you think about whats important; friends, family and good health.

This new years day we joined Tara and her family for a walk around the Lickey Hills. All of us (adults) were feeling a bit jaded and worn out after Christmas, but on this muddy walk we all slowly came back to life, chatting about Christmas, what we had done, who we had seen, how good it had been. It cleared out the fog of eating to much and not getting enough sleep.

And as we were coming to the end of our walk and we reached the 'climbing tree' (if you have kids and have been there, you will know where I mean) we saw this.

This is my eldest, Heather and Tara's eldest Dan.

Both Tara and I have mentioned them before, they have known each other since they were months old when they were at nursery together, and just get on.

So here they are, not talking (which is a rarity for both) and just quietly contemplating the view. Sitting together and taking it all in. Lovely - It will be ten years this year that they have known each other. Old friends.

Meanwhile at the climbing tree....

Happy New Year !!!

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