The this is Me Meme

Some time ago, the evil Tara at Sticky Fingers tagged me with a load of others to do this AGAIN. 

This being ...

'Ask your child - their age doesn't matter - to draw a picture of you.
Post it on your blog.
Let's call it the This is Me Meme
Err, that's it.
Pass it on to your friends/enemies if you want to.'

I did this previously and these were the results

Well, my daughters are now 8 and 4 so I had everything crossed for being slightly less blobby. 

So here is the 8 year old's picture of me...apparently I am in my 'going out' clothes.

What I am loving the most is the straight up and down-ness of me (I am so, not this shape!) 

My 4 year old is all about drawing faces at the moment. The body is an after thought.

The only thing that worries me (there is actually lot's that worries me, but let's stick to the main point) is the similarity with this picture...

Of a bear. 

I am supposed to pass this on to people so who are my lucky few - Oh and when you do it, you need to McLinky it here

I think Mumra needs to have a go at this
And The Alexander Residence
And Spudballoo
And last, but not least Christine at Thinly Spread

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