The Gallery - An Education

OK a very late entry for me with the Gallery this week (rubbish, I know), but I can't miss out on being part of the Bloggers Year Books, so here it is. My school photos (kinda).

Now, this first one is my school photo is from when I was about 10. Yes, that was a jump suit and yes, that is an Abba patch. (I was damned proud of that...). Look at those collars! It was the seventies.

Here I am about 12(ish). I have always hated this photo. Just felt like I was gurning. looking at it now, doesn't seem too bad. The collars have reduced, slightly, in size.

After this I don't seem to have anymore school photo's after this but I have this. This was my passport photo for a school trip to Italy skiing when I was about 15. I thought I was extremely cool.

And finally, this is a picture taken when I was at college. I loved/love this photo of me, which is a very rare thing. It was taken by my boyfriend at the time. He called my name and I turned around and he took the photo. It was taken with my old OM20 which was a fab camera and on black and white film. Happy memories.

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