The Gallery - Simple Pleasures

I love my gadgets and gizmo's but there is one thing I love more.

I love the sun. 

For me just sitting, reading a book in the garden with the sun out with the children laughing and playing around me, is just about as good as it gets..Maybe a glass of wine in this scenario tops it off. 

This picture was taken last year at my Mum and Dad's it is my Dad's birthday when we have a BBQ with the family. I am relaxing in their orchard with enough sun and shade. The kids were playing and the sound of the pond tinker-ling and birds singing are in the background. Perfect.

Look at those feet, totally relaxed. For more pictures like these (probably not of feet) go over to StickyFingers Gallery.

PS The feet are for you Tara, as I know you love them so. 

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