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This is the picture that makes up the background of my blog. I like that there is a little spider hiding in the petal, I like that the flower is all white except the little pink edges, I like that the sun shining through makes the petals translucent. I like that every time I look at this photo I see something new.

Why does this represent my blog (apart from the bleedin'obvious!)? Because, I use this blog to show off some of my photo's and this is a good example of a photo I am proud of. Because, I don't really have a theme when I write, sometimes I am a mummy blogger, sometimes I am a grumpy blogger, but mostly I am talking about my feelings and all the different things that go on in my head. And, on the whole I am optimistic and hopeful, and for me, this picture represents that.

For more like this pop over to StickyFingers tomorrow, I am getting this in early as I am off to the challenging internet connection back end bit of beyond in sunny Ireland, where I try and forget about technology and chill out with the in-laws and the cows. See you in just over a week. 

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