Finally getting our holiday just right

Holidays, they are about balance aren't they?

Up until recently we just haven't got the balance right.

The kids want fun and excitement, my husband wants to explore and do things and I want to unwind with my family around me, having fun with a little bit of beach time, hopefully with warm weather, but to be honest as long as I am by the sea and my feet get wet I am happy. Oh and take LOADS of photo's of course.

I don't know if it is just the children are getting older and can play more independently, or whether we just have slowly worked out what we like, but I do know that this last week at a my cousins caravan in Wales has been lovely.

It started off cold, bright and really really windy.

And we ended up in glorious, warm sunshine.

This was the first time Lola (our 4 year old) had been completely in the sea, she was non to impressed with the waves splashing on her face, so this is my husband and eldest, Heather, giving the waves what for.

Even I (and this is unheard of, the last time this happened was when I was pregnant with Lola) donned my swimming costume and got wet up to my bum. It was absolutely freezing though!

My children enjoyed splashing me more than they should...

And we did things - we went into King Arthurs Labyrinth, which is a cave walk which all of us enjoyed, not for the claustrophobic though.

And at the request of the kids, as we had been there last year we went to the Butterfly House it is in the Rheidol Valley, not as big as most Butterfly attractions but run by a man who clearly loves what he does, when we went we had the place to ourselves and he was telling us where he had travelled to get the butterflies.

My two standing still desperate to get a butterfly to sit on them.

They also made candles at Corris craft centre

And sand castles

And there was even a donkey ride

We ate out and in and did everything at our own pace.

Finally a holiday where I have come home feeling relaxed and refreshed and not in any way stressed. Fab. 

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