The Gallery - My Weekend

Hello, long neglected blog. Missed yer....

Anyway, whilst all the other lovely Mummy's were at CyberMummy11 (I remain a little bit jealous)

My eldest daughter was having her Holy Communion.

As I am not Catholic it has been a slow and treacherous journey discovering what a MASSIVE deal this is to a young Catholic girl...rites of passage...etc..etc...

I have to admit, to begin with, I thought it was a bit weird dressing an 8 year old as a bride. Then you do it and you see her and I you melt...she looked gorgeous.

So forget all the religious stuff, she loved doing it and she felt great and special for a day. As far as I am concerned that is a win.

Not to mention we had the in-laws over from Ireland (which was lovely) and a BBQ in our back garden for all our friends and family afterwards and cake - Win.

A fab day all round.

Nana, Heather & Grannie

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