Rites of Passage

My smallest girl is nearly 5, she had her party with her nursery friends yesterday. We had it at home with 15 children. We played pass the parcel, musical bumps and hunted for balloons. There was cake and sausage rolls and considering the vast amount of people we had in our relatively small house, I think, it went well. Lola loved it. (I had a big glass of wine afterwards)

It was also a little bit sad. We had Lola's friends from nursery at the party. Lola finished nursery 2 weeks ago. and in 2 weeks she starts school. As far as I know, none of her nursery friends are going to her school.
So it was also a goodbye party.

If she is anything like my eldest daughter, all the excitement of starting school will get her through the first couple of weeks and she will love it. Then there is the realisation she won't see her nursery friends again.

After that we have a couple of weeks of being upset at the slightest thing, and then the new pattern establishes itself, but it is the biggest change she has experienced and it is a BIG deal.

I am a little melancholy too. My baby girl is starting school, she is growing up. She won't be my baby anymore.

But look how happy she is...got to love them growing up!

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