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This is my Mum, she is 82 and one of the strongest women I know.

I have blogged about her before here. In the last blog I explained all the things she's done, which are inspirational alone, but why does she inspire me?

My Mum is a great Mum. I know she loves me no matter what, but has been really firm with me when I needed it.

I was quite unruly as a teenager and needed a firm hand. I think if it hadn't been for her I could have been a bit of a waster. Instead, I stick at things and finish them (sometimes out of pure stubbornness). My work ethic means that I have never pulled a sicky, even at school.

When I was first at college I moved out of halls of residence after the first term as I hated the restrictiveness of it, so I moved into a rented place with a friend.

It was great to begin with, but we didn't cope very well with bills, cleaning and looking after ourselves. My friend had gone home for the weekend, and I got really bad tonsillitis. I walked to the phone box (yes, this was olden days before mobile phones!) and used my last 10p to phone my Mum.

She lives in Shrewsbury and I was in college in London, she was with me within three hours (thank goodness there weren't speed camera's then). She got bin bags and just gathered up all the rubbish and clothes all over the floor of our flat, chucked everything in the back of the car (including me) and took me home.

Once I was well enough I was deposited back at the flat, even though I felt at the time that I wanted to give it all up. My Mum, just told me I had started it so I needed to finish it.

I have several similar stories of my Mum 'rescuing' me, the last time wasn't even that long ago. All I know, is if I can be anything like my Mum with my daughters, I won't be doing a bad job of it.

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