Officially Amazing!

A few weeks ago the kids, hubs and I were all invited to go to the Guiness Book of Records HQ in London.

Naturally, we said yes we would love to, especially when we were told we were likely to meet record breakers and maybe even break some records ourselves....At this point my natural competitiveness took over and we were definitely going, whether the kids wanted to or not (they did). We were sent the Guiness Book of Records 2012 book to review and loved all the weird and wonderful records it showed us.

So on Thursday we went on our visit. For both my kids it was their first time to London, and I had everything crossed that this would be a good day for them as I wanted their first memories of London to be special.

They were very excited on the train, even though it was massively busy. The excitement level went up a gear when they realised they were VIP's

Whilst we waited for the main event there were lots to see, here is a life size cut out of the smallest man in the world.

When everybody else had arrived we were introduced to the worlds biggest rabbit. His name is Darius and he is MASSIVE. He was clearly used to this kind of thing and seemed completely un-phased by the whole thing.
The kids loved him.

After, meeting Darius all of us sat down and had a presentation from Craig Glenday the Editor-in-Chief. Craig, was one of the most likeable people I have met for a long time and he held the children's attention brilliantly. He gave us a brief history of the Guiness Book of Records and what criteria they use to decide what goes into the book. So for example, the world's ugliest dog didn't make it in (imagine the Euergh's from the kids when they saw this!) because it's not measurable, but the world's widest mouth did.

Once we had finished learning Guiness Book of Records 101, we were introduced to some record breakers.

This is John Farnborough who has broken records doing freestyle football stuff, he holds five world records.

Then we met Sean who is the fastest talker in the world, we watched him recite Bohemian Rhapsody in 47 seconds!

 The big hit for my girls was Sam Sam the Bubble man who has loads of Bubble related records and is an official bubblologist. He put little bubbles in big bubbles, he made big bubbles, long bubbles and a bubble called the Loch Ness Monster


But the last thing he did was put both my girls inside the same bubble, they both loved this and I have never seen my smallest so excited.

We had a tour of the offices and met some of the lovely people who work there. They have pictures and display cabinets. On our tour we got to hold the oldest vomit (Ick!) and try on the biggest shoes.
Then we had the official record breaking to do, they had adjudicators and everything. We all got to try stacking dice (or die, if you want to be exact), stacking domino's and building a Mr Potato Head and one person did actually break a record. Which was pretty amazing. Sadly, it was none of my family : ( although we all tried really hard.


And as the end of the day approached, the girls got interviewed, and got to see what next years Guiness Book of Records cover may look like, but the best was yet to come.

A trip on the fastest sofa in the world! It goes 87 mph and the girls and hubs got to go for a drive in it. Fab.

So after a long day, and even though I was non-too impressed with this woman's longest legs in the world. I am happy to say, we all had an Officially Amazing day out at the Guiness Book of Records HQ.

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