Ashtray's and fat TV's?

Have you ever wondered what happened to all those things that have become out-dated in our lifetime. There are a number of things that I used to use/need but now use less or not at all.

For example;

Ashtrays, people smoke less now, there is no smoking in pubs. My old ashtrays are tucked away in a cupboard. I have no idea why. I stopped smoking 6 years ago and stopped smoking in the house 9 years ago. What am I keeping them for? I have no idea. Only one of my close friends smoke and if people do smoke they do it outside. Apparently, if you placed all the old ash trays from all the pubs in England together, they would go from London to New York. That is a lot of ashtrays, so where are they? Have they been recycled into something else?

Fat televisions, we finally gave in and brought a flat screen TV a month or two ago. We left our fat TV by the side of the house to take to the tip, by the morning it was gone. Is there now a black market in fat TV's?  Maybe someone is putting loads of them into storage and saving them to refurbish and sell when they become retro again, like bakelite phones. 

I wonder if someone has that much foresight. Maybe, there are massive warehouses with ashtrays in one and fat TV's in the other, floor to ceiling, hermetically sealed. I wonder if, someone thinks smoking will become all the rage again when there is a cure for cancer, or non-carcinogenic cigarettes are  invented. 

What about vinyl and CD's, they are already retro, and not as fast as just downloading. Downloading takes up so much less space. The same applies for video and DVD, all the content of these are easily accessible on-line. 

So, yes you have your traditionalists who collect vinyl but CD's, DVD's, and video don't appear to have the same kudos. 

I am more aware, of the recycling of DVD's and CD's, but video's what happened to them? And what happened to all the video players? Back to the massive warehouses, somebody must have had the sense to save all the trill phones, I mean who'd have thought they would have turned into a retro item. Even the mullet has made a reappearance, so there is no accounting for taste and at least you don't need to store mullets. So should I put all my CD's and DVD's into storage and sell them on eBay 30 years from now when they are back in fashion, or just get rid.

My mother-in-law didn't like clutter and so  my husband berates her whenever he sees some old toy he had in 'pristine conditon' sells for thousands, on one of those shows. 

Maybe, and this is my best theory, all this stuff is sent off into space and rotates around the world in the moons' orbit and then some evil genius who decides what's in fashion, like Gok Wan for example, decides that it's time to press his special big red button and one of his containers of old stuff comes back to earth as a meteor and just like that it is the thing de jour. 

OK that might be stretching the imagination a tad but you get the jist, unless you know where all the ashtrays are.......?

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