The Gallery - The Letter T

So what is the letter T all about. Yet another curious challenge from miss Tara at Stickyfingers for the Gallery.

Is it about being at the very Top?
Is it about Toes?

Maybe it is about Tongues?

Maybe not.

Or Tattoo's?


Or maybe, Tall, Tall and really Tall?

Or doing Things Together?

You know what, maybe it is all about Tongues?

Or is it the number Three?

I know, this is for Tara. It must be Tall Tree's

Is it Tickles and sTaTic?

Oh, Maybe it's Tag, or Tig, or Tick? (depending on where you come from)

Or Tao Meow our cat?

Do you know what?

I Think I may have missed the point.

I Think this is all about ......


Who we wouldn't get to do the Gallery without.

You're Terrific.


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