The Gallery - My Awesome Photo

Wow, Tara certainly knows how to set a challenge for The Gallery - I have lots of awesome photo's because they are little moments in time. My memory is awful so my photos keep my memory's alive. 

This is a photo of my Mum and me, back in the 80's. My Mum decided when we were at school she should do a degree to encourage my brother and I to study. She finished the year I got my degree. So we both got our degrees in 1989. This is the day of her ceremony, we were/are really proud of her - which isn't unusual, as I have mentioned before

This is a picture of my Dad, he is doing is 'Goons' face. Think Spike Milligan singing I am walking backwards for Christmas (I am seriously showing my age in this post!) I was trying to be all arty...

And lastly, this one is a picture of my girls. It's a proper snapshot taken at the end of last year in the snow. The girls were sledging, we hadn't been out much as the eldest had been poorly so it was their first chance to really play in the snow. They absolutely loved it. Probably as much as I love this photo.

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