I haven't blogged much lately, to begin with it was just life, busy, work, the usual, then life got a bit crap.

Mum & Dad at their Golden Wedding Anniversary Party

In late October, my Dad had a massive heart attack. He was rushed to hospital and they managed to (just in time) fix him, he then started the long road to recovery. He following his rehab to the letter. Then, just when he was looking a bit better and could do 'light work', my Mum got sick. My Mum took herself to the doctor.

She never does that.

Not without several months of cajoling at the very least.

He arranged for her to have some tests. Then they waited, and waited, and Mum got sicker and sicker....but her GP persisted and pushed and finally got her admitted to hospital.

She's still there, still can't eat, but is having surgery this week to help her, then they are going to look at the route of the problem. I am not going to go into detail, as my Mum is really quite a private person who wouldn't want everyone knowing her business on the internet.

Although, it seems that half the village she has lived in for the last 50 odd years has come to visit her...and when my brother or I can't take my Dad to the hospital, someone is always there to help.

When my Dad got sick I felt prepared, resilient. I could cope. Dad has done a good job of preparing us for this eventuality.

I am extremely lucky, I am in my forties and both my parents are still alive, my children, who I had in my mid to late thirties will remember them. Which makes me very happy.

My Mum though, is really sick, I am not sure if she will make it through this. She is tough, a fighter, inspirational. This was not supposed to happen. My Mum is supposed to live to be 120 at least! Mostly out of sheer bloody mindedness. And anyone who knows her would agree.

So this has rocked me to the core. I visited her yesterday, and she was so sad and miserable. With tubes in her arms, in her nose. Her vision isn't great, so she can't read. Her days aren't broken up with meals. She is just sitting in a hospital bed with tubes in her.

She is of the stiff upper lip generation, she lived through and remembers the World War II. She makes do and mends. Only this time she isn't mending.

We took a radio and headset in so she could listen to radio 4 like she does at home, but they are moving her to another hospital for surgery, so she made us take it away yesterday as she was worried it would get lost.

I can't help but think of my normally super active Mum, sitting there with nothing to do. Still not 100% sure of what's wrong with her (but we are all expecting the worse). It's been 2 weeks, today, since she went into hospital.

It wasn't a happy Mothers Day for my Mum. I couldn't even take her flowers because the hospital don't allow it.


  1. I hope you all find out very soon and you get your mum back home where she belongs all fit and healthy xx


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