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This is one of the first pictures of my two daughters together for the first time. This was nearly 6 years ago 
now, and was a place I wasn't sure I would ever get to.

I had Heather and then I had an ectopic pregnancy two years later, then two miscarriages.  Lola was my last chance. Both my husband and I had made the decision that if the Lola pregnancy wasn't successful then that would be it, we were perfectly happy as a three, a four would be a bonus.

When Lola was born healthy at 6 pounds 2 ounces, we were all ecstatic, and we were so happy our daughter had a sister. That joy continues, as they grow and develop together. They are totally different, totally gorgeous and make me get up every day (literally!).

I think in this picture, mostly what you are seeing is curiosity, with a little bit of love thrown in.

What I feel, when I look at this, is love, joy, happiness, and the feeling of satisfaction you get when you have had a long and challenging journey.

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