Being Thankful

After my tirade about my illness in my last post, I have found out it is CML awareness day this Saturday.

I always said that my illness wouldn't define me and blah blah blah (I am beginning to bore myself).

But I have come to realise it is a part of me and I need to accept it.

So I am trying to do this and it helps me to be thankful that I am still here, in fact to be thankful, generally.

I am thankful, everyday that I live in this day and age, where the advances we have made in science has kept me alive, long enough to see my youngest daughters first stage performance with a paying audience (and I suspect not her last)

I am thankful that I have been to a music festival with all my family, and that the first one my kids went to was with me and hubs.

I am proud that my girls asked to go to self defense classes without any prompting from us.

I am thankful I was there for my eldest's holy communion.

And that my Mum (on the right) and my Mother-in-Law were there to see it.

I am thankful for my friends and family and my hubs who keeps me sane (well as much as he can) and so much more. 

So from now on, no more whingeing, because what good will that do. Instead, please go here and sign the petition and raise awareness, so we get more funding and donations for blood cancers. 

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