How My Children See Me Meme: The Return

So in  2009 she made me do this and in 2011. And now AGAIN....really?

The 'she' is Tara at over at Sticky Fingers

That's right she is making my children draw their most hideous flattering drawings of me. Hmmm.

OK so here they are. From my eldest - who is now nearly 10, the masterpiece below.

I would like to mention that I don't have cats eyes but she has my wearing my favourite T-shirt which is nice. I also appear to have lost some weight. Win.

And from the six year old, who told me she was not in the mood to draw pictures before she drew this - and I think it shows.

By the way, I do have a nose, and I am not a fan of fake tan, and I haven't been this colour since I was eighteen.

As for arms and legs, who needs them? And again, I appear to have lost some weight, instead I am kinda tree trunk shaped. hmmm.

If you would like to participate in this meme then please do, go to the Sticky Fingers website for all the instructions.

I will drag a couple of people down with me into this, as I am curious what their small people will produce for them.

The lovely WitWitWoo and the equally gorgeous Mammasaurus

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