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Like any parent, I want my children to eat healthily and be fit. Living in a city has some restrictions for them, I can't just let them run around in the street so there are alternatives.

My youngest will run, jump and skip everywhere, my eldest is more geeky (sadly, like me) her preference is to potter about, watch films, and play on her computer.

Both my girls love swimming and have been having lessons for a couple of years. However, they would kill me if I posted pictures of them in swimming costumes.

My eldest has been saying she would like to take up a martial art so after some consideration and research, we have sent them both to a mixed martial class every Saturday morning. They both love it, and have just earned their first belt. The picture below is before that on the day they got their suits.

I would recommend this to any parent, to get their first belt they both had to know how to ring 999 in an emergency, amongst other things.

Martial arts seems to be all about respect for one another, and now they have been doing it a few months I am really proud of them sticking with it.

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