We are making some changes to our home. 

We moved in, in 2000, got married in 2001, I was pregnant in 2002...well you know how it goes and now 10 years later, we are going to try and do some of the things to the house that we wanted to, way back when.

So for the last week I have spent packing up the bottom floor of our house, trying not to panic that it won't get packed in time for the storage people to come and take it away. I succeeded with minutes to spare. 

Yes, even pink horse is going into storage. 

This is what it looks like now.

It's very blue....
The plan is this: 
  1. Get rid of patio doors inside the house which were left there when the kitchen extension was built
  2. Get a lovely new kitchen (with a pantry cupboard) 
  3. Convert the galley part of the kitchen into a utility room 
  4. Level the kitchen floor and get some lovely tiles - these are the ones we have chosen. (see below list)
  5. Get a new fireplace which is more in keeping with the period of the house (It's 1930's) 
  6. Get a new living room wood floor.
  7. Re-plaster everything.
  8. Improve storage and add more plug sockets. 
  9. Get bi-folding doors into the garden
Suffice to say I am v.excited. We aren't going to have any kitchen for at least a month and the new kitchen won't be finished until November (I hope) but I am hoping all the disruption will be worth it. Anyway, I will try and keep you posted. Wish us luck. x

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