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I have always been a cat person, at one point I was single with 4 cats, never a good thing.

In fairness 3 of the cats weren't actually mine, I was just looking after them - indefinitely....

Anyhoo...When I got married I agreed with my husband that we would only have one cat, as he is neither a cat nor a dog person.

At the time we moved in together this was my cat.  His name was Lister, named (incorrectly) after a Red Dwarf character by my ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend, whom I got him off (not confusing at all) -  He was a great cat, he was so used to being handled that you could pick him up and he would just go all long and dangly. I had Lister for 13 years, sadly he got hit by a car which broke his back and he passed away on my birthday in 2006. I loved Lister.

After Lister, I missed having a cat in the house, so 4 months later in the February of 2006 we went off to the local RSPCA and found Tao (named by the RSPCA). We took Tao because they had loads of black cats but people wouldn't take them as they were superstitious about black cats. Tao had been there 6 months since he was a kitten. Here he is at the end of 2011 looking very grand. The reason this is quite an old photo is because he is a nightmare to photograph. Black cats absorb light. Fact.

Tao is quite an aloof cat, not a lap cat, he  lives with us because he wants to and he could change his mind at any time, and we mustn't forget it!

At the beginning of 2012 I was feeling quite low and in need of a more loving cat and managed to persuade my lovely husband that after 12 years of marriage it was time for a change. We became a 2 cat household, and Millie arrived (again named by the RSPCA). Millie is a big softy, totally silly and incredibly clumsy, she tries to drink my coffee and is my lap cat. Tao despises her but ironically has become more loving since her arrival.

These are my pets, to meet other people pets go over to the Gallery at Stickyfingers

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