The Builder's Progress

What I am learning, through this mammoth refurbishment of my downstairs, is that builders are strange, unusual, mythical creatures. When they are around they are very nice and usually quite good at what they do, but capturing them and getting them to do building stuff is a whole other thing.

Here are some lessons I have learnt:

Lesson 1, Builders appear to have different weekends to the rest of us. Their weekends tend to fall on Monday's and Friday's.

Lesson 2, Builders are quite random, I have two plasterers here today (on a Saturday) and there are three due in tomorrow. Is this anything to do with double time I wonder....hmmmm.

Lesson 3, Builders are dreadfully sickly creatures, they seem to suffer all sorts of strange and awful ailments.

Lesson 4, Builders have terrible trouble with their cars/vans/lorries

Lesson 5, Builders and building suppliers can turn up at the oddest times, usually when you are least expecting it.

Lesson 6, You have to wait in a lot for deliveries when the builders are there, because they might not be there....I know that doesn't make sense, please see below.

Lesson 7, Builder time and our time are very different, it's like it moves a lot more quickly for us. So our idea of soon is very different to builder soon.

So as you may have guessed things are moving quite slowly, I am told things will speed up next week, which is good considering we are a month in to a month long job and I would say they are not even half way.

My new fireplace has arrived, right on time (I ordered this), as have the new doors (I ordered these) and the radiators (I ordered these too). The new kitchen range arrived on time but my builder wasn't in to sign for it as we had arranged, so I have had to reschedule that delivery, I am taking a day off work for that as they only delivery on Fridays and, well, Friday's are part of the builder weekend.

Old fireplace
 New fireplace

Half plastered

So next week, I am hoping to see my bi-folding doors go into the kitchen, have the back door removed and have new bay windows. Keep absolutely everything crossed. I will catch you up on this soon x

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