The Gallery - Sunday Mornings

For the Gallery this week we are talking about Sunday Mornings.

Mine varies, but every other week I try to get up and see my Dad. So husband and kids are piled into the car for the hours drive to visit him.

My Dad has become more and more frail since my Mum passed away last year, but I think he is pleased to see us. We try to go out so he gets to see a bit of the world beyond his four walls, but this is becoming more challenging for him.

None the less, I treasure my time with him and encourage my girls to chat to him (although they have to shout as he is quite deaf...and won't wear a hearing aid). My eldest is fascinated by World War II as she is studying it at school and Dad has lots of stories, so it is lovely to see them nattering away.

Dad with Lola in his garden

Dad out and about 2 weeks ago at the Riverside Inn near Cound in Shropshire

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