Hotel Chocolat - Classic Christmas Selection Review

The very lovely people at Hotel Chocolat recently asked me to review one of their Christmas selections - I chose the Sleekster collection.

My friends who I happened to be meeting this weekend were, unsurprisingly more than happy to review* them with me.

We all like the packaging and we loved the look of what we found inside. They looked extremely yummy and very Christmass'y.

So here is what they said about them (they didn't, quite eat all of them ....), word for word;

The serious business of testing chocolates

The white chocolate vanilla bell - Nice depth of vanilla flavour with a good hard snap.
The Christmas mess - A bit bland at first but the base was tasty
The Cranberry cup - Very nice with a lovely tangy cream
50% Milk bauble - Perfect fabulous chocolate
Pistachio praline crunch - No crunch but a good strong taste
Chambord royale - very nice, strong taste of champagne which was very warming, would have liked it better without the white chocolate
Nutmeg and almond praline - we all tried a little bit of this - and our advice is not to eat this one, the combination of flavours just didn't work
Caramel supernova - Bloody marvelous
Rum Punch - this one was left and my husband tried this one - He liked it a lot. (I think mostly the rum)
Marzipan and amaretto truffle - Just nom nom nom.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite manage to review them all as they were like a swarm of locusts and to be frank I think this says it all. There was only the one chocolate that we weren't keen on, but the rest were lovely and would definitely make a great Christmas gift. Two thumbs up. 

*Gobble them up like there is no tomorrow

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