First one for 2014

I have realised I haven't been around much, and as ever, my blogging is sporadic. So here is a my first blog for 2014. OK, so it's April, no need to judge.

Things have been busy in our house, all of downstairs has been re-plastered and re-painted. The kitchen has been changed around and re-built.

It has been a time for de-cluttering and clearing out old rubbish. I have taken car loads of rubbish (previously treasured possessions I couldn't possibly live with out) to the tip and/or the charity shop. I had a letter of thanks from the local charity shop because of all my contributions. Frightening.

And the house looks lovely, but I am not known for my minimalism, and nature abhors a vacuum. So as hubs puts all the CD's onto the massive hard drive he has and our hundreds of CD's are no longer on display, I am slowly filling up the massive new book case with our remaining stuff.

This is stuff I couldn't possibly do with out, like the reference books that I never read as Google has all the answers, or the books that represent a time in my life, like all the Irving Walshes, or the Gothic literature from my degree, because it is only a matter of time before I need to read Dracula again (Not). Or maybe my daughters may want to read them, because it would be silly of me to think that they will do their reading on their tablets.

Logic is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to our stuff, I am choosing to ignore all of my logic. I like my stuff, it reminds me of things, so there will be no vacuums in my house and the space will continue to be filled with all the bits and bobs that make a home a home. 

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