Hatton Adventure World - A lovely day out

The lovely people at Hatton Adventure World, kindly invited us for a visit to their recently revamped adventure world, set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

We were lucky with the weather and had a lovely day out. Prior to the visit my eldest investigated their website and found the animal cam. Apparently the chickens get up much earlier than the ducks....who knew?!?

So this morning we set off bright and early with our four adventurers (my two girls, and their friends, two boys, ages ranging from 7 to 11)

But what shall we do first?
 We started off visiting the animals,  you can buy a little tub of food to feed the goats and the sheep
 It was a great time of year to visit as all the animals had recently had babies, I was very taken with these Glouster Old Spot piglets....so cute.
 This baby goat was brand new.
 Then there were the guinea pigs, I don't think any of us have seen so many together before - this is just a small selection.
Double nom

 After the farmyard animals we got to the new Scales and Tail section to see the reptiles, just in time for the kids to get a chance to hold a small python
Very serious business this snake holding

Bit lively
 Then it was outside to the zip wire where the adults got to have a bit of a sit down whilst the kids zipped.

Zippity Zip...

Or do a bit of climbing.

 Then off we went for a little walk down the hill to the Gold Rush where you can look for gold. If you get ten pieces, you get a medal.
I want gold, darn it!

Meanwhile the smaller two went down the bouncy slide


 We did think about going on the time warp tractor but instead chose to go on the helter skelter. There was also an Easter Egg hunt and loads of other activities.

We did get slightly put off by an Easter Bunny
But decided on pony riding

Yee Haa!
 The pony riding was one of the few things where you had to pay an additional price - Most things were free once you were in the grounds.

OK...What next

 We decided to go in and see the inside play area, there were some heart stopping slides

This one was a dead drop and terrified Mummy (she was fine!)

More traditional indoor play
We had a fab day out, and I would recommend it to anyone with a young family, there is something for all ages. I asked my two girls to score it out of 10 (10 being Awesome and 0 being absolute rubbish). Both gave it a 9, I asked why it hadn't got a 10 and my eldest (the 11 year old) said she would have liked some more grown up rides to go on, like waltzers, and my little one (the 7 year old) said the only reason she gave it a 9 was because when she got to the top of the helter skelter she couldn't get the sack on herself and so had to come down by the stairs. They both would love to go again and will be recommending it to their friends.

From a parent perspective, it felt safe, clean (lots of places to wash your hands after playing with the animals and lots of bins) and there were lots of places where you could sit and watch your kids whilst having a nice cup of something.

Thanks Hatton Adventure World we had a lovely day out. x

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