My Eldest is Growing up...

My eldest daughter is a pre-teen (she has informed me of this). She is eleven.

She is nearly as tall as me, obviously getting most of her genes from my husband as I am a shorty.

She wears a size 6 shoe, so she wears my shoes now.

Blimey, how did this happen so quickly, one minute they are like this.....

And the next, they are like this....

I don't think it helps that this week she had her hair cropped. It really suits her, whats frightening is I did exactly the same at eleven. Although she had a bit of a better cut.

 Less than a year ago she had hair to her waist
Then it was bobbed

And now the crop. One of the ways I remember my childhood and teenage years is by the haircuts I had, it looks like this will be the same for my daughter, my grown up girl.

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