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This is me, in 1977, I was 9 and this was our first big holiday that I remember. Here I am standing on the bridge above Niagara Falls with one foot in Canada and one foot in America.

I remember the long walk along the bridge to get to this point and the amazing view, but mostly the sound of the falls. A huge sound, indescribable and thunderous. It was awesome. We went on the maid of the mist afterwards and went behind the falls.

We went for 6 weeks, and traveled all over Canada (we have relatives there and visited all of them), we went to the Calgary Stampede an old school rodeo, the Japanese garden in Lethbridge, Alberta, the rotating restaurant in Toronto (the CN Tower) and then in America we went to Yellowstone park and camped out, Dad had an axe under his pillow because of the bears and we saw Old Faithful the Geyser that goes every hour.

We did lots of other things too like visit a native America reservation and all sorts of other stuff. It was a great holiday.

To get this holiday, Dad had to save up his holiday at work over about three years, and our holidays prior to this were always camping whilst we saved up for our Canadian adventure. This is how I remember our holidays prior to this one.

Always cold and outside. Brrrrr.... it was worth it though.

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