Summer Holidays - Week One

I realise lots of you have already been off for weeks and enjoyed scorchio weather. (My hubs is included in this...not that I am in anyway bitter...ahem), but now the weather is a bit rainy and a bit colder it is my holiday time (OK, maybe a little bit bitter). So this is my week 1 of 2.

Day one. Saturday. Did nothing except the washing.  Boo.

Day two. Sunday. Went to see my friend Biggles as she is off on her travels again. A lovely goodbye BBQ.

Jon gets his sausages on
Here is her hubs in charge of the BBQ.

Day three. Monday. Had to go into work as I left an SD card there - had lunch with work friends and daughters wondered at the many buttons and security aspects of getting into my office....strangely they thought this was exceptionally cool. Which I will take as a win.

We came home and I played with my macro lens (not a euphemism) and got some pretty pictures.

Day four. Tuesday. Drove to Shrewsbury to take my Dad for an X-Ray. Afterwards we visited Biggles again, my girls played with her girl and their friends little 2 year old girl and had a lovely time, they also played with Tess the grumpy old man looking girl dog. Such a sweet thing.

Tess the girl dog that looks like a grumpy old man but is actually very lovely
Day five. Wednesday. We had to stay in as I was waiting for a parcel to be delivered (my smallest girls birthday present shhhhhhhh......)So the girls chilled out watching movies and I had a day in the pod and took some cat pictures.
Millie, our cat.
Day six. Thursday. Today we went to the local library for a treasure hunt. The girls are doing the 6 week reading challenge so it was linked to that. They caught up with some school friends and had a great time. All for free. It is well worth checking out what is happening at your local library. Then more macro photography for me.

Close up of the furry purple sage
Day six. Friday. Today we went to see my old pal Tara and went for a lovely walk round the back of a needle museum (who knew there were museums for needles...then again...why not?). The girls had a great time and much fun was had, particularly whilst paddling in the stream.

 So that was the first six days. More to come soon :)

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