The Sound of Music

We have always liked music, hubs and I although neither of us were particularly good at it, hubs used to play bass and I had played a little bit of guitar and trumpet, hubs had dabbled for a long time and I had stopped after school.

When we had the girls we thought to ourselves we really must encourage their musicality. We brought all the usual kids toy instruments, penny whistles and xylophones and they banged and blew loudly. As they got bigger we bought an electric keyboard and guitars.

Hubs decided to take up guitar again around this time. And he practiced, and practiced .... He has a little room in the house just for him, his computers and his growing collection of guitars and sound pedals. And he practiced and practiced.

The girls continue to wonder in and play keyboard with him, both of them have guitars and can play a little.

One year on my birthday I was woken to the girls and hubs serenading me singing and playing happy birthday. Possibly one of his most romantic moments ever....and he is good at the old romantic moment.

But if there is one thing I love, it is wondering around the house mooching, doing chores and I can here him strumming and picking out tunes I recognise. It's incredibly calming, soothing and lovely and he is literally filling our house with music.

learning the Travis picking thingy...apparently

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