World Photo Day - The Gallery

I am a bit late for this but I was traveling back from lovely Norfolk with my girls yesterday and a bit tired later on.

Any way, earlier this week it was World Photo Day and the Gallery was celebrating this, this week.

I have three photo's for this week - one is specifically for my pal Tara who runs the Gallery.

Whilst I was away, we went to Sandringham (The Queen's country residence), It is surrounded by beautiful woodland, and whilst the girls were playing I took this.

I love the sun coming through and all the different types of trees.

The second photo is  of the seaside, I love the seaside, one day hubs and I hope to end up living by the seaside.

I think my daughter sums up what it is about the seaside that I like, you can close your eyes, feel the sun on your face and here the sea rumbling behind you and be any where in the world. Lovely.

And finally, if I did believe in something bigger, photo's like this would help. The rays of sun shining through the clouds just seem otherworldly and awesome.

For more photo's like this head to the Gallery (link above).

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