Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure World

In April I blogged about the lovely day out we had at Hatton here.

So I was thrilled to be asked to go again to see Pumpkin Week at Hatton. My kids are big fans of Halloween so we were all pretty excited.

The girls got all Halloweeny for their visit and looked fab.

We decided to wait to go to on 31 October so it was super Halloweeny. We were looking forward to the free pumpkin for every child and the pumpkin carving competition, having recently practiced at home.

When we arrived we were told they had run out of pumpkins, the girls were very disappointed and although they gave us a voucher for a hot chocolate instead, it didn't really replace the fun activity they were looking forward to. 

If it were me I would have got the kids doing an apple bobbing competition or something similar so there was another option for them.

None the less we went for it and the children still had fun - they still enjoyed Guinea pig village.

And the reptile area, particularly these two warring tortoises.

 Of course in April there were all the baby animals which my girls really liked.

The girls panned for gold and got a medal for getting so much gold. 

And played on all the other activities.

Hatton is still a fun day out for all the family, but I am surprised that they miscalculated the number of pumpkins they would need for pumpkin week, as I am sure my children weren't the only ones looking forward to this. Hopefully they will take this feedback on for next year and it will be pumpkintastic!

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