My baby is twelve on Tuesday.


She is a little woman, and when I say little I mean she is as tall as me and wears the same shoe size.

She has gone from this -
To this -

She doesn't want hugs or kisses, but she still likes her cuddly toys, she is interested in make up and wants to shop at Lush with her pocket money.

For her birthday she is going to the cinema with some friends and she DEFINITELY doesn't want Mum and Dad in the cinema as well.

She is independent, funny, smiley, sulky at times and curious about everything.

My girl is twelve and it feels like I have blinked, she was a baby and now she is this woman child.

In 6 years she will be 18.

It is terrifying but I am so proud of her, she is bright and creative and knows her own mind. I think hubs and I must have done something right.

Happy Birthday baby girl xxxx

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