Don't be an Idiot

One of my many to do's on my bucket list is to write an open letter to my 16 year old self.

I have been putting this off.

16 year old me
The trouble with this notion is that, if you could really speak to your 16 year old self, wouldn't it change who you are today.

I am quite happy with who I am today.

Don't get me wrong, I have made mistakes, lots and lots of mistakes, but I don't have regrets. My mistakes have made me stronger and who I am today.

There is also the whole messing with time thing..... you just don't do it - speak to any Sci-Fi aficionado and it is clear that you do not mess with the time space continuum. This only leads to trouble. FACT. *

However, if you got me in an arm lock and absolutely insisted I had to give 16 year old me advice, this would be it: Occasionally, I was an idiot and spoke or acted without thinking, still do.

So my advice to me then, and now is: Don't be an Idiot.

There. Bucket list item can be ticked off. Yay.

*Nerd break


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