Black and White - The Gallery

On the gallery this week the theme is: Black and White.

I love black and white photography. I think I inherited my love of it.

Here is my Grandad.

He fought in the First World War. When he returned he married, he had six children, worked for the Post Office and took photo's in his spare time. Mostly his photo's were of his wife and family.
My Grandma long before I knew her
My Dad grew up seeing Grandad taking photo's so he took it up as well.
Dad (taken by Mum) and Grandad.

And I saw Dad and Mum take photo's, they mostly took photo's of their family.

Mum, me & my brother

I had my first camera when I was about 8, it had a film that was a round disc shape. As I got older I took more of an interest, and I was given an old 2nd hand Olympus OM20 SLR.

I took and developed my own photo's.

Here is one of my first efforts, this is my old friend Eleanor.

Hope you liked the patched sheet backdrop.

My old Drama teacher Mr Calvert, we were rehearsing Mother Courage
Here is a promo picture I took on timer for a comedy double act I was involved with back in the depths of time.

Don't ask - it was 1990.
Even when my now 12 year old was small I still used a film camera, this is one of my favourite black and white photo's I took of her when she wasn't even one.

I was very reluctant about digital camera's and relatively late to it, but I still like a black and white photo, and like my Grandad and my Dad, I like to take photo's of my family.

My Irish Family, New Years Eve 2014.

So for more black and white photo's head over to the Gallery.

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