The Gallery - Boys

This week on the Gallery we are celebrating boys.

Not being a super girly girl I often prefer the company of men, my husband is definitely my best friend, and his friends have become my friends over the years. I trust and respect them, so much so, two of them are Godfathers to my children.

Sadly I don't see them often enough (It would help if one hadn't moved to Australia and another to the far and distant Scunthorpe) but when I do see them we usually have great times.

There are other boys in my life; my two nephews, who are referred to as 'The Boys' are gorgeous great men, one turns 18 next week and the other is 20 in a month, I remember holding them as babies and not being able to imagine them as men and now here they are, going into the world and starting their adult lives - I know they will be amazing.

This was taken about 4 years ago so still boys here.

My girls also seem to have an affinity with boys. My eldest daughters first best friend was a boy and although they are not quite as close right now, as they go through the awkward pre-teen years, they still see each other from time to time and get on famously. They will both kill me for this photo, but I love it.

My daughters have also grown up with our friends boys, who are like family to us and who my daughters definitely see as family. With them, there is no sense of boys and girls they are all friends, which is lovely.

This was taken a couple of years ago, but I love the photo, and the hats!
All of these are the boys in my life and I love and care for them all. For more boys pop over to Tara's blog here.

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