10 ways I am enjoying myself more.

I can't believe that it is nearly two months since I last posted anything on here, but life, work and everything doesn't half get in the way of the things you really enjoy.

I have been trying to spend more time doing the things I do enjoy and less of the things I don't.

I started the year with a bit of bad luck, I didn't manage to continue on in a job I loved, and was doing temporarily, when I completely messed up the interview for the permanent post and had to go back to my substantive post. Then a week later I broke my ankle and ended up being off work for 3 months. I have talked about this before - here.

On the upside I have now got a years worth of holiday to take in nine months. So this has helped me do more of the things I enjoy.

Here is my list of things I enjoy.


I read a book the other week whilst on holiday in France - this may not sound like a big deal but at   the moment I am managing to read approximately one book a year. (This is a bit rubbish considering I used to read at least one book a week at Uni). It was Funny Girl by Nick Hornby, which is a great read. I am now attempting to read Ulysees by James Joyce and Freak Onomics by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner. I may have bitten off more than I can chew.


I have spent more time in my garden, since we had it 'done' it is the perfect space to hang out and generally chill. I am writing this in my pod.

The Pod and the Beach Hut Shed

And I managed to paint the shed to look like a beach hut - which is nice.


I have done more gardening, I know the names of flowers and everything!!!! My Mum would be so proud.

I have been growing some heritage plants, like these.....
Heritage multi-coloured carrots

Chocolate cherry tomatoes - not quite ready yet

Boothy blonde cucumbers


We've had more BBQ's and fun at home.


I uploaded Windows 10 onto my computer (I am a sad geek) and I have messed about on Pinterest, played a lot of Candy Crush and words with friends.


I have saved all my photo's onto a big drive somewhere other than on my computer so they are safe no matter what (and the geekiness continues)


I have had long lie ins (I love my bed).


I have stayed up late and drank too much wine (I love wine).

(During both 8 & 9 I have spent a lot of time thinking about my next tattoo, check out my Pinterest to see what I have been looking at)

Ten (or the most important one of all)

I have spent loads of times with my kids and my husband

So not the most rock and roll list in the world, but a happy one. I would definitely recommend gardening, wine and long lie ins. Just not all at the same time.


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