The kids are back at school and the leaves are turning russet reds and oranges, mmmm it must be the start of Autumn.

I love Autumn.

Myself and both my daughters have birthdays in Autumn, I got married in Autumn, and Autumn leads up to CHRISTMAS, whoop whoop! (Not sure I could have fitted the word Autumn more into that sentence).

There is nothing wrong with Autumn at all, the smell of bonfires and fireworks, sparklers, conkers and frosty walks. Lovely.

Its the time of year where you get to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a warm fire. It is OK to watch dreadful telly (X Factor & Strictly) because it's just 'that time of year'.

Everyone stops talking about 'bikini bodies' and dieting, because a nice long cardie covers a multitude of sins (Yes I am THAT old) and it is not a standard time for a beach holiday.

Everyone just relaxes a bit, it's pre-Christmas party season and post holiday, it's the season where you can just chill. It's OK to eat cake, particularly on the 25th September when it is the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

For me it's a time to do leaf prints and autumnal photography (lovely light), buy a few bits to enhance the winter wardrobe (more cardies) and drink port and mulled wine - not together, that would be ridiculous! Still no alcohol until the end of September as I continue to be sober for Cancer Research UK (You can still donate on my just giving page ...HERE)

So what are you all up to this Autumn, I would love to hear x


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