My Lola is nine, my much wanted baby girl arrived at 4am, 4 weeks early 9 years and one day ago, completely perfect. Here she is year on year,

Lola at 0

Lola at 1

Lola at 2

Lola at 3

Lola at 4 (that's a Pepper pig cake, there may have been some issues with colour....

Lola at 5 at a trip to the Zoo with Godfather Ken and her big sister

Lola at 6 - ready to dance in a dance show

Lola at 7 all grown up in her school uniform (excuse the state of the house we were having work done)

Lola at 8 after being at her friends makeover party

And Lola at 9 all hot and bothered after playing laser quest with her friends
Like everyone we have birthday traditions, one of them is to get measured. She still isn't quite as tall as her big sister at nine, but she is closing the gap.

Today, I am relaxing at home, and guess who is with me, full of cold and not very well at all, my newly nine year old. Poor Lola. One week back at school and already lurgified, but still gorgeous and still my girl.


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