I have small wide feet, I used to love my feet, they were the one part of my body I tended not ot be highly critical of.

Then I broke my ankle and my ankle and foot vary in size depending on what I have been doing. I brought some shoes just before I broke my ankle, I just tried them on and I can't get them around the ankle at all now.. Too much metalwork.

I used to be able to squeeze them into any shoe I took a liking to, I loved a big wedge, or a 6 inch heel. I liked to mooch around in Birkenstocks or Havenda's. Now, these are too flat and not spongy enough. I need some bounce in my sole.

So I am on the hunt for the perfect shoe, one that doesn't make me look like a granny, that can give my bounce and I can wear all day.

The shoes that are working at the moment are my Fly ankle boots with a small wedge heel and my Fitflops.
Any suggestions, I would love your thoughts.


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