Why I choose Grey

First some facts:

In 1860 (approx) hydrogen peroxide was first used as hair bleach, kicking off decades of broken strands and burned scalps. 
Approximately 92%: of women have coloured their hair, according to a Wella survey

Last year sometime, I got bored of dying my hair. I had been bleaching it blonde from about 30 and dyed it just about every colour prior to that.

I looked like this then.

About 31
About 41

Pink at 44

The trouble is, my hair is quite fine so I can't grow it when I bleach it.
 And to be honest it is quite a palaver to bleach your hair, and then constantly apply a platinum toner, then and having it cut regularly...bleugh. I am over it.

Anyway I heard grey is in, people are actually dying their hair grey - who'd have thunk it! So I am going to be on trend with my greyish hair.

I look like this now.
I want to grow it to just below my shoulders and two grey plaits. I think that would be cool.

My only problem with this is when I look at celebs who are the same age as me.
There seems to be some contradictions. If you are a woman, your hair MUST NOT show grey.
 Like the lovely Kylie, Davina & Julia - all my age, all gorgeous, no grey on sight.

If you are a man, grey is fine.

Like Eric, Mark & Matt, all my age, all gorgeous, plenty of grey hair in sight.

So why is that? Why is it OK for men to look their age, and women not?

When I googled about grey hair I largely ended up with photographs of women celebs who are a bit older who have a 'grey hair shocker' (i.e their roots are showing).

I am 47, very nearly 48. I am what in olden times we called middle aged, because you are at the middle of my life. Based on stats and stuff, I am actually over middle aged, not two thirds over but maybe five eights aged (that's what you get when you look at stats too much, you start talking in fractions. Beware the stat).

Basically, I am over half way through life, I have experienced some stuff, my body has some scars my face has some wrinkles and my hair has some grey, this is normal.

Why are we obsessed with the fountain of youth, people get botox, skin smoothing, face lifts, bum lifts, implants, tummy tucks, men and women alike.

We should be proud to show our age, it shows we have seen some stuff, we might even know some things and be a bit wise. Oh yes.

It seems I am not normal, all my friends and colleagues dye their hair, I cannot think of one woman I know who has let their hair go grey.

So by being natural I am going out on a limb and being the weird one. Not normal. Again.

Who wants to be not normal with me - Up the revolution sisters!!!

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