An Irish Holiday

I have been a bit lax lately. I haven't blogged since October. That's ages. In blogging terms I have officially gone AWOL and will be long forgotten. 

I only have the usual excuses, work, life, stuff... rubbish.

It's not like this takes long, and as I am on holiday at the moment I thought I would get back to this blogging malarkey, as I really don't have any reason not to.

I am currently in Ireland at my home from home staying with my in-laws, having a lovely time.

I love visiting Ireland, it has a completely different pace of life. My in-laws live on the borders of County Roscommon and County Galway, it is beautiful countryside in the west of Ireland. The wind and the rain can be wild but it just adds to the lush green of the 360 degree views.

One of the things I like best about Ireland is the light. There is so little pollution where we are, so the light seems clearer and I am convinced I get better photo's here.
The sky is massive in Ireland
I think part of the joy of coming to *Ireland, is visiting family, my children have a great time catching up with their Nana, Grandad and Aunty, and of course, the much loved, Rocky the dog (As I type this he has just farted, and I have to admit, I love him a little less right now).
Rocky getting plenty of cuddles
There is no pressure here, each day we get up when we want, we are fed, we snooze, we read, we go for a walk up the road, we look at the fairy ring, we might visit Roscommon town and have a coffee. We have a few drinks of an evening.

Perfect holiday if you ask me. 

*Not  sponsored by the Irish Tourist Board...sniggers...

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