Less Money. More Life.

This week, I started working part time. I haven't worked part time since I was a student. I have always been a full time girl. Even after maternity leave. Back to work, full time.

I am now working a 3 day week and doing 27 hours a week. Its a three month trial with my work, so if it doesn't work for them or me I can go back to my old hours.

But, I am sitting with my feet up in the garden whilst I write this. The weather is glorious and it feels like the right decision.

So after nearly 28 years of working full time I have decided to go part time.

I am tired, the CML (Chronic Myloid Leukaemia) meds are, on the whole, brilliant, as I pretty much have a normal life, but after nearly six years of taking them I find my energy is really low. You can read more about my CML here.

Then there is my girls, they are 13 and 9 now, unlike when they were babies, they don't need me all the time, but I think they need me to be around more, to be, just more present.

Gratuitous picture of my gorgeous girls

And my Dad, he is nearly 87, he has steadily gone down hill since my Mum died. He can hardly walk, hear or see. He has a full time carer with him, but I am looking after a lot of his financial stuff  and I try to see him regularly, but it's a two hour round trip (on a good day...the M6 is involved so, you know...)and that takes time.

So typically, I am a time short 40 something, with responsibilities and 'stuff' going on all over the place.

So where is the compromise?  Less money, more life.

This was a tough decision, not because I am super materialistic, although I am fond of the odd luxury item, do I need Molton Brown soap and body wash, of course not*, but I do want to continue to give the kids organic food where I can, and a holiday once a year, and be able to pay for school trips.

And what about their future, how will I save for that!

All of this went through my head.

Have I mentioned my husband is awesome.

At the beginning of the year all of this was getting on top of me and I didn't know what to do. My husband and I talked. Then we talked a bit more. And finally we got to this. He said all the right things.

"I want you to be happy"
"We will be OK"
"We have enough money"
"I will help you if you need it"

I have always been financially independent so hopefully, if I tighten my belt, he won't have to do the last one. I am still not sure how I feel about that.

So here I am, on a sunny Wednesday, listening to someone mow the lawn, the birds singing, the bees buzzing, writing this.

Which was the last thing, I wanted to do more of this, but have had no time. so hopefully you will hear more from me now, and with that, I wish you well, whilst I enjoy this sunny day.

*I do!


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