Sink or Swim?

The world has continued spinning.

Wimbledon has started. Summer carries on as normal.

Andy Murray has won Queens for a record breaking fifth time.

We are going to come out of Europe.

Glastonbury was muddy and amazing.

Slovakia lost in the Euro's (I had them in the sweepstake)

What a weird few days.

Random picture of a bumble bee, indicating summer time. By me.
Life is never what you expect. Just when you think you have it all sorted...Wallop....It's all change again.

But, it is not the change that is the problem, it is how you cope with change. Do you sink or swim?

My Gran used to say, 'Love many, trust few, but always paddle your own canoe'. Which I have understood as, have faith in yourself and your own abilities.

Which I agree with. Having inner confidence is a brilliant thing to have, but we don't have it all of the time, not even the best of us,sometimes that confidence can take a massive blow. I believe that the love and support of family and friends is crucial when you have something huge happening in your life.

As a country we have something huge happening, whether we love or loathe the decision to come out of Europe we still need to love our fellow man/woman to help us cope with this change. Sadly, a small minority see this as an opportunity to bring hatred and distrust to our country.

Just because the small minority behave this way, doesn't mean we should, lets not lower ourselves to their standards, lets rise above it and be better.

Treat everyone as you would expected to be treated, it is what we tell our children.We just need to
 remind the leaders of big business, the politicians, the powerful and the important of this simple message.

I don't believe in many things, but I believe in that.


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