Table for One

I recently went to a restaurant alone.

I did this by choice, I wanted some 'me' time.

It was interesting, I walked into the restaurant and the waiter looked behind me for my friends/family. When I said I wanted a table for one he seemed genuinely shocked.

After he gathered himself he led me to a table.

I ordered a drink and mulled on the menu, there was a special offer for two courses and they were two courses that I would really enjoy, but two courses, alone...should I ....Ahhh, sod it, thinks me, two course sounds like a great idea.

Lovely nutty avocado starter followed by a cheesy pizza fiorentina, Nom. I love food.

So I order my two courses, again, slight surprise from the waiter, who seems to feel sorry for me and is just a tad over attentive... In my head I am screaming,

'GO AWAY, I came here for me time, I am quite content, STOP TALKING TO ME. Gah!'

As the meal continues, I watch the people walking by outside. They don't see me, it's lovely I can properly people watch, thinking my own thoughts to myself.

I realise I am taking my time, I am enjoying my alone time, I am enjoying the food, it is delicious.

The waiter continues to lurk.

I decide to order a coffee to finish the meal off.

This gets a raised eyebrow from the waiter, he really can't get this concept of woman alone, eating.

I then begin to wonder, would he be like this with a man? This line of thought makes me cross.

I decide to continue with my coffee and people watching to avoid rage.

Shall I have sugar in my coffee as I am out? Yes, yes I will.

I consider not tipping the waiter due to his possible sexist behaviour but decide this may be unfair as he may treat a lone man the same, or everyone.

Momentarily, I feel bad for the waiter.

After about an hour in the restaurant it is time to go. I do tip the waiter.

Afterwards, I feel refreshed and liberated. I would definitely do it again and would recommend it to you all.


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