Big Change = Happiness

I left my job recently, my big important managerial well paid job.

 I had no other job lined up, but it just wasn't for me any more.

I have worked full time, all my working life; when my babies were babies, when I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, when my Mum died, when my Dad had a heart attack, whilst my Dad has slowly deteriorated after my Mum's death. All that time, in work, full time.

It has been exhausting. Have I given my best to my husband and my kids, no.

So, after one thing and another, enough was enough and I have left the safety of the corporate world with it's pension, regular pay and security. Yikes.

Now I have started my own business, I have an online shop, I make things - you can see it on my side bar.

I spend a lot of time on it, especially at the moment as I have been setting it up.

But, I don't have a childminder any more, I can pick my 10 year old up and drop her off at school everyday,  I am there when my teenager gets home. I am present, I know about school projects and problems with their friends. Before, I got in from work and fell asleep.

I am happy, my husband is happy, for years he has made the girls their tea as I was never home, now I make tea. I am a Mum, but I still have a job, but it is my own job, I can do it when I like.

Now I just have to start making money, at the moment, it feels like it is just outlay, but I am confident that in time I will, I just have to find that sweet spot in the market.

So if you read this and have some pounds to spare, go over to my shop and buy a friend a gift, just because you can, it will be wrapped up beautifully and will smell great. That's my promise. And you will make me and your friend, (or yourself) ever so happy.

Thank you. xxx

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