Stand Up to Cancer

On Friday Channel 4 do their yearly Stand up to Cancer event. It is hugely worthwhile and I urge you all to watch it and donate . It will make you laugh (download the Crystal Maze if you missed it), but it will also make you cry.

Last night I watched 24 hours in A & E for Stand up to Cancer. I couldn't get over the conversation of the women in the waiting room, two of them had breast cancer and one had lost a husband to prostrate cancer.

Another lady, had terminal cancer and was very unwell and her family were so distressed, particularly her daughter.

Having lost my Mum to cancer, I totally understood, although my Mum, never had chemo as she just carried on until it was too late to do anything.

I am still angry with my Mum for that. I wish she had gone to the doctors earlier, got diagnosed earlier, looked after herself, instead of everyone else.

My Mum may have been eighty three when she died but she was very spry prior to the cancer, always in the garden doing stuff.

Mum looking after the bees with her grandson and my nephew, about two years before she died
I fully expected my Mum to out live us all out of sheer bloodymindedness and anyone who knew her would agree with me. It was a shock.

I was lucky, I was diagnosed early. Even though I have a cancer you can't cure, I have the best outcome I could have, currently the leukeamia is undetectable in my blood and has been for years.  I have some minor side effects from my drugs, but over all I am well.

So, my message to you is, face cancer straight on, if you catch it early it has less of a chance of taking hold of you. I know it's frightening and Doctor Google terrifies us all but if you feel unwell, or find a lump, go to your doctor.

I know survivors of it and I know too many people who have lost the battle. So donate what you can so we can beat this stupid thug of a disease once and for all.


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