Christmas Thoughts..Part 1

I have been getting ready for Christmas. We put our tree up this weekend and today I spent all afternoon writing my Christmas Cards.

I added little personal notes to people and gave it all my care and attention, which is why I am saddened when I hear people say, that they are not sending cards this year.

Personally, I feel, that this is part of Christmas, its is a time to think about friends and family and to take time out to write to them.

I love receiving cards as well. Just knowing someone is thinking of me and has taken the time to sit down, write a card and post or hand deliver it to me. How lovely.

Blatant self promotion, these are available in my shop
Now, I do understand why people say they don't want to send cards, I really do, saving the environment is important but the cards I use are made of recycled card and are for a charity, and I know people say that they will give all their money to a charity, but by sending your card you are promoting a charity and extending it's reach.

I love buying the Christmas stamps that come out every year and look forward to seeing the design.

There is no stopping me, it is all about the magic of Christmas. So come on, get out your pens and go old school, no eCards for me, just the real tangible lovely thing. 


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