10 things you need to know if you are a Dance Mum

I have been a dance Mum for 7 years... and survived.

Lola has gone from this

Lola 2011 ready for June Comps

To this
Lola June 2017 Comps

I have written about being a dance Mum previously here.

I am writing this now for any Mum who may be considering adding this to her CV (You know the CV where you are cleaner, taxi driver, chef, go to work etc... That CV), largely because I wish someone had told me.

Here are the 10 things you need to know before you even think of being a dance Mum.

  1. Being a dance Mum has lots of challenges, rehearsals, costumes, lessons, make up, hair, so you need to have excellent organisational skills, a hairdressing and make up qualification, and some form of transport to get you child wherever, whenever, they need to be, on time.
      2. You need a special competition/show bag, in that bag you will need the following items
      • Make up
      • A sewing kit
      • Spare elastic
      • Electrical/Duct tape (for prop repairs)
      • Spare tights
      • Spare socks
      • A first aid kit
      • Safety pins (If you have nothing else, these are essential)
      • A tin of gin and tonic and something caffeine based (These are for you)
      • A sugary snack (For them)
      • Fruit
      • Water
      • White or nude pants 
      • Tissues
      • Wipes
      3.   You will need to be prepared to be a gymnastic assistant and have arms, and legs ready to
            support your child when they are learning back bends, walkovers etc...

      4.  You will need sound proofed flooring in their bedroom, or a high volume on your television to
           drown out the sound of them practising

      5.  You will need to find a surface you are OK with them practising their tap dancing on, tap
           dancing ruins floors.

      6. You will need the patience of a saint as they ask to show you their dances, over and over

      7.  You will need to develop a special face that tells them you are concentrating on them dancing
           and not thinking about what to cook for dinner. This face has to show pride, admiration and
           love, even a hint of thinking or doing something else whilst watching them dance and they
           will notice and berate you for it. 

      8. After all the hard work, you will rarely see them do their performance as you are usually 
          backstage getting their next costume ready.

      9. You will get roped into helping other children whose Mum's can't be backstage as they are
           working, have other children doing other activities etc.... some of these children can be
          'different' to your own child and thus more challenging, and now their are two costume
          changes and hairstyle changes to contend with.

     10. And finally, be prepared for your child's confidence to grow, they will be fit and healthy and
           care about their posture, and if, you do see them dance on stage, in the costume you have
           stitched to make fit properly, and the make up that has to be perfect, and the hair all lacquered
           into place. Be prepared for the tears of pride and joy because they will be amazing, if they
           are dancing in an assemble you will only see them and they will dance perfectly. It is a great

I write this as we are preparing for Lola's dance schools 30th anniversary. It's going to be a great event, where everyone comes together to put on a massive performance, even some of the Mum's are dancing (yes, OK I'm one of them) - If you are interested in seeing it - tickets are available here.

And a big shout out to Rochelle School of Dance and Debbie Green the amazing teacher and owner of this school who does a brilliant job with all these young dancers.



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